STCP reinforced natural gas mobility with the acquisition of six vehicles

STCP reinforced its commitment to a greener and more economical mobility, through the acquisition of 6 VW Up vehicles, powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which join its fleet of heavy passenger motor vehicles, mainly powered by this fuel.

These vehicles, used for operational services in Porto, reveal that mobility with natural gas is not only economically viable in the heavy transport of passengers and goods, but also in environmental and financial terms, in the passenger vehicles segment.

The changes in the fleet in favor of vehicular natural gas have resulted in a decrease of 1467 and 960 tons of CO2 emissions, respectively, for the replacement of 173 vehicles between 2018 and 2020, and 81 vehicles in 2021, respectively.

GASNAM welcomes the reinforcement of STCP’s commitment to Natural Gas as the most suitable option for cleaner and cheaper mobility, better for the quality of the environment and capable of generating important savings. The acquisition of light vehicles also powered by Natural Gas motivates, therefore, our satisfaction, as promoters of this fuel in comparison with more polluting and costly alternatives », commented Vítor Cardial, delegate in Portugal of GASNAM – Associação Ibérica do Gás Natural, Renovável and Hydrogen in Mobility.

Source: Revista Cargo

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