Hidrogénio verde nos postos de abastecimento em 2022

Green Hydrogen at filling stations in 2022

Following the commitment to decarbonisation, Dourogás will begin the construction of the country’s first green hydrogen station in Vila Franca de Xira, which should be completed in early 2022. In Loures, also in 2022, it should open another station of biomethane.

Nuno Moreira, CEO of Dourogás, says that “gas companies are going to develop hydrogen mobility”, anticipating that gas stations will be replaced by hydrogen stations in the near future, as soon as the technologies that allow it are ready.

It also says that this first green hydrogen station is competitively priced, given that the expectation is that “the total cost of operating a hydrogen vehicle is at least equivalent to that of a similar diesel vehicle”. Additionally, Dourogás continues to invest in biomethane, a 100% renewable gas, produced from biogas from an organic solid waste recovery plant. This gas has been produced in Mirandela since 2017 and is part of the pilot project Biogasmove, which is in the network injection phase.

Source: Jornal de Negócios

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