First biogas station in Portugal opened by Dourogás GNV

The first heavy goods vehicle fueled with 100% renewable biomethane is already circulating in Portugal at the Dourogás GNV gas station. This initiative arose from a partnership between Dourogás, Havi Logistics, and Scania for the decarbonization of transports.

The inauguration of the first biogas station in Portugal and, successively, the first refueling of a heavy vehicle with vehicular natural gas of fully renewable origin took place on September 8, 2021, at the Dourogás station in Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Loures. The vehicle supplied was a Scania P340 truck operated by Havi Logistics for food transport.

Many individuals were present at this event, including Nuno Moreira (CEO of the Dourogás Group), Luís Ferreira (General Director of Havi Portugal), Bernardino Soares (President of Loures City Council), Eugénia Sillero (General Secretary of Gasnam), João Filipe Jesus (General Director of Dourogás GNV), João Bernardo (General Director for Energy and Geology), David Fernandez (Director of the Eco-Gate Consortium), among others.

Vehicle natural gas allows a reduction of carbon monoxide (CO) by 30%, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 35%, and carbon dioxide (CO2) by approximately 20%. Furthermore, it reduces suspended particles by 95% and neutralizes sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions.

The new offer of this biofuel promoted by Dourogás in collaboration with Havi Logistics and a Scania opened the doors for the implementation of one of the measures of the Iberian Consortium Eco-Gate, which seeks to improve the efficiency of the vehicular natural gas market through the implementation of solutions that contribute to sustainable mobility.

For a month, the initiative foresees the completion of approximately eight thousand kilometers fully supplied with 100% renewable biomethane for heavy transport of foodstuffs with zero CO2 emissions.

Sources: Jornal Económico e Turbo.

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