Dourogás GNV customers can now use the AUTOvoucher

It’s official: Dourogás GNV customers can now benefit from AUTOvoucher financial support measures when they fill up their vehicles at Dourogás GNV stations.

This support consists of a financial subsidy, of a transitory and exceptional nature, to be granted to citizens in their consumption in the fuel sector, to mitigate the extraordinary increase in fuel prices, according to Decree-Law No. 92-A/2021.

How do consumers access the benefit?

Just be enrolled in the IVAucher Program. After the first consumption of the month at a gas station, regardless of its value, the discount will be refunded to the taxpayer’s bank account, within a maximum period of two working days.

How does the refund work?

When the consumer makes the payment at a participating gas station, using an eligible bank card, the AUTOvoucher benefit will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.

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