Dourogás NVG is the partner that leads you towards more efficient mobility

Dourogás GNV's strategy reinforces what has been the headquarters of the Dourogás Group, based on innovation, providing energy transition solutions, decarbonisation, job creation, support for the economy and creating conditions for customers to be able to reduce operating costs with fuel.

If a few years ago the sector talked about NGV as the ‘fuel of the future’, today we have no doubt in saying that we are talking about ‘fuel of the present’.

NGV mobility, a growing trend in the Portuguese market

Assuming a significant presence in the public passenger transport sector and in the collection of organic, selective and undifferentiated waste, we seek to be, from the point of view of our geographic positioning, in what are the main strategic points of traffic and flow, whether in a domestic, national logic, or international transport logic.

Today, technology allows autonomies of more than 1000 km, with solutions for all kinds of challenges, both in terms of long-distance transport and in an urban context, thus reaching the two main vectors on which the competitiveness of the market rests. Natural gas: ecological dimension and economic dimension.

For smarter mobility

If there is virtue in natural gas mobility technology, it is the wide spectrum of alternatives that can be covered by NVG.

It is in this challenging context that we have been promoting a set of projects and investments in the area of renewable gases, specifically with the production of biomethane from the purification of biogas, resulting from the recovery of organic matter (waste). We are and will want to be in the future, at the forefront of decarbonising transport and leading a green agenda.

We firmly believe that the future depends on CNG, sustainable mobility and finding new transport paradigms.

João Filipe Jesus 

Executive Director