Covid-19, our answer

Despite the moment of emergency that we are currently experiencing, Dourogás GNV is committed to providing its services with all the preventive measures that health authorities require, maintaining the quality that is our characteristic. Because natural gas moves us, but so does resilience!

We have carefully monitored the evolution of the current pandemic under the guidelines given by the World Health Organization and the General Directorate of Health, following a strict contingency plan that allows us to remain active and guarantee maximum protection for our employees, suppliers and customers. Our daily priority is to ensure our services with the max security that the current scenario demands.

Guidelines for users of our stations

To safeguard the health of the entire community, we ask users of our NVG stations to follow the following recommendations:

Throughout this process, always respect the recommended distance from other users.

Hygiene and safety measures

Etiqueta respiratória

Comply with the proper respiratory etiquette – when you cough, sneeze or blow, you must cover the airways with a tissue or forearm

Isolamento social

Maintain social isolation, especially with people who show influenza-like symptoms

não partilhar

Avoid sharing any type of instruments (glasses, cutlery, work material …)

Equipamento de proteção

Use personal protective equipment, namely, gloves, masks or visor

deitar ao lixo

Immediately dispose of used tissues in the trash and perform hand hygiene


Opt for voluntary and prophylactic quarantine, protecting yourself and others

Higienização das mãos

Make a complete, correct and regular hand hygiene

Higienização das superfícies

Make a complete, correct and regular cleaning of surfaces

Não tocar

Do not touch your face – especially in the eyes, nose and mouth

If you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19, namely fever (> 37.5ºC), lack of smell and/or taste, dry cough and/or difficulty breathing, contact SNS 24 (808 24 24 24) immediately and follow the indications given. It is not advisable to go to a health centre or hospital. We call for you to stay informed and updated through secure information sources, namely:

We believe that everyone’s effort is the right way to overcome this pandemic!
For any further questions, contact us!